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Fast Track Super Tuning

The run-in stand we use for Fast Track Super Tuning simulates the conditions of an engine installed in a vehicle. The Fast Track computer helps super-tune the engine on the Fast Track run-in stand. The engine is tuned as if it were actually sitting in a vehicle.

  1. First we pre-set all the settings after the engine is installed on the Fast Track run-in stand. Then the engine is started, to break in the performance cam and seat the rings for proper break-in procedures. After 30 minutes of running, the engine is turned off and allowed to sit and cool down for one hour.
  2. Next we start the engine a second time. Now all the settings are checked, including jetting of the carburetor and checking the timing. The oxygen sensors are checked for proper operation using the Fast Track computer readout. This is a real time reading of your engine results. (You can see this being done on our video clip.) The computer gives exhaust readings from both sides, to show how rich or lean the engine is running. Once we are satisfied with our jetting of the carburetor, settings and timing, then we re-start the engine to confirm all readings. This may be done several times to ensure everything is correct.
  3. The engine is started again for a red line break-in. This time we run the engine while we check all adjustments to confirm proper tolerances. We run the engine up to its red line break-in, for example: 4,000 rpm. This way we get a full parameter reading on the engine. Then we will adjust valves, re-torque the heads, re-torque the intake, and check all cylinders, restarting the engine as needed to confirm the results.
  4. We send you a computer reading from our Fast Track computer. The DVD video you receive is a real time video, taken when your engine was actually on the Fast Track run-in stand, when the mufflers were bolted on and the oxygen sensors hooked up. You will also receive still photos on the same disk. This DVD can be viewed on your computer.
  5. Included in the items we send you is a packet of information and a computer printout of all the specs from the Fast Fuel readout computer for your engine.
  6. Pricing for Fast Track Super Tuning includes:
    Labor on the run-in stand $695.00.
    Two oil changes performed during the Super Tuning: $149.50 - This includes the oil, zinc additive, and fuel.
    (Ask about our promotional Fast Track discount pricing!)
    Big Block run in $795.00.

There are a lot of extras included in the Fast Track Super Tuning package. It's a worry free option, because all you have to do is drop the engine in, plug and play! You receive a real "READY-TO-RUN ENGINE."



Turn on your speakers to hear the engine in this sample video, and double click the video to see it in a full screen size.

Sample video of an engine on the Fast Track stand, with mufflers attached.
This is a real time video clip of an engine running through the super tuning procedures on our Fast Track computer. In this video, the exhaust is bolted on.


Sample video after Fast Track Super Tuning, this video is with Open Headers.
This video is the same engine after Super Tuning... This time with "open headers" -- mufflers have been unbolted and removed.


Turn your sound on and watch this video!

Please note that these videos are of a sample engine; not the engine you are considering or may have already ordered.
Videos of YOUR engine will be sent to you on a DVD disk.




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