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CHEVY 383ci 355 to 427 HP 4 BOLT MAIN

Torque Monster - One of our most popular engines! Give us a call!

A "Crate Engine" means "Intake to Pan." This is our new TURNKEY packaging; just call us regarding which turnkey package you would like.

The normal price of these engines is $100 more. Buy now to receive the special pricing below!

Base Pricing and Torque Ranges*

Chevy 383ci — 355 HP: From $4195
- torque range: 406 - 412 ft lbs torque

Chevy 383ci — 375 HP: From $4295 - torque range:
415 - 428 ft lbs torque

These engines come with the 70 to 76cc GM heads.

Chevy 383ci — 406 HP or 409 HP: From $4495
- torque range: 448 - 468 ft lbs torque

The 406-409HP engines come with Dart heads. The 406HP engine comes with a dual pattern cam. The 406HP cam has vacuum for power brakes. Still has good sound.

The 409HP engine comes with a single pattern cam. The 409HP engine cam has a little less vacuum, with a great Old School sound.
This engine comes with the 4 barrel aluminum or polished high rise.

Chevy 383ci — 426 or 427HP: From $4995
- torque range: 468 - 484 ft lbs torque

The 426-427HP engines come with Dart heads. The 426HP engine comes with a dual pattern cam. The 426HP engine cam has vacuum for power brakes. Still has good sound.
The 427HP engine comes with a single pattern cam. The 427HP engine cam has a little less vacuum, with a great Old School sound.
These engines come with the 4 barrel high rise, aluminum or polished intake, or painted black as seen in the photos for no extra charge (satin black or flat black).

* Please call for complete torque estimations.
*Torque estimates vary per engine specs, based on size of carburetor, type of intake, type of heads, type of cam...


Ask about our Fast Track Startup:
That means this engine can be
Real Ready to Run OUT OF THE BOX if you choose our Fast Track startup, which includes break in, super tuning, jetting, and more.

If you choose a Fast Track Start Up, we have special pricing right now!

Click HERE to learn more
Fast Track animationabout FAST TRACK, andFast Track animation
to view a sample video.


We build these same engines with the second generation Vortec head, which is becoming very popular.

Ask for pricing on higher horsepower engines such as carbureted, fuel injected, and blower engines. We can build any size engine you need!

Any good motor head will love this old school musclecar street killer!

This Power Engine Combination would be GREAT in your Muscle Car, Street Rod, Truck, 4 X 4, or Jeep. This is an excellent Street Monster Machine engine! This Engine is a 4-bolt Seasoned Heavy Duty Chevy TOTAL MACHINE Small Block. This engine will run on pump gas, depending upon variables in your order.

Special features on this crate engine include these new parts and more: (Be sure to scroll down the page to see a more detailed listing.)

    9:5, 9:7, 10:1, 10:2, 10:5

  • Cams are BIG Hydraulic Dual Pattern or Single Patterned High performance
    (Cam sizes: 468, 478, 490, 510, 521)
    (Piston and cam sizes depend upon the engine package and HP you choose.)

  • 2500 Stall Speed Convertor Required
    This One is a real TORQUE MONSTER

  • Holley 750 CFM carburetor, polished.
    Edelbrock 750 CFM carburetor accepted for smaller HP engines.

  • Pro Billett HEI distributor with MSD kit included,
    MSD 2 pack or MSD 6AL 3 pack is extra.

  • Plug wires and spark plugs.

  • Chrome air cleaner included,
    black is extra.

  • This engine does not include water pump and pulleys.

  • Performance roller timing chain

  • High performance Screw In Studs, Guide plates

  • Roller Rockers, Molly Push Rods

  • Steel Forged Rods 550 HP

  • New custom scat crank

  • Race balanced, street blueprinted, Bored on center

  • Tall chrome valve covers

  • Black Aluminum slant-edged valve covers as seen in photos are available as an upgrade - call for special pricing

  • Chrome timing chain cover included, black is extra.

  • 5 qt oil pan, 7 qt oil pan included with bigger engines.

  • NEW Polished intake manifold or black manifold.

  • Professional 8" Harmonic Balancer, timing flag.

  • Flex plate for automatics included.
    Call on standard transmissions, like
    4-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed.

  • Steel flywheel is extra.

  • Built from one of our Dyno tested and road proven Dyno packages. Your specific engine can also be Dyno tested, for an additional charge.

  • Call for info on flex plate or fly wheel.

  • Call for correct flex plate on automatics.

  • Call for info on standard transmissions (4 or 5 speed, etc.)

  • Comes complete, intake to oil pan. Some assembly may be needed.
  • These parts and more are included; please scroll down for more details.


What comes with your Power 3® or Power 4® Engine?

Here's a listing of the parts and machine labor for your Power Engine® from

Your Power Engine® ENGINE PARTS include:

  • Power® Speed Pro or CompCam cam kit
    (Cam sizes: 468, 478, 490, 510, 521)
  • Power® Speed Pro HP hydraulic lifters
  • Power® spring set, heavy duty (940 - 980 series spring sets)
  • One-piece steel intake valves:
    202 for the higher hp Dart heads such as the 406hp and up
  • One-piece steel exhaust valves:
    1.6 for the higher horsepower Dart heads such as the 406hp and up.
  • Premium positive valve seals, VITON RACE
  • Controlled internal oil system (a P.E.R. exclusive!)
  • High Performance Roller timing chain
  • Heavy duty, high volume Melling oil pump
  • Heavy duty steel collar oil shaft
  • Heavy duty oil pickup screen
  • High quality Speed Pro hypereutectic pistons
  • Speed Pro High Performance plasma molly rings
  • Brass freeze plug kit, oil gallery kit
  • High quality rear main seal double lip polyacrylate
  • Fel Pro PermaTorque heavy duty gaskets and gasket set
  • Clevite Main bearings, Tri metal, high quality
  • Clevite Rod bearings, Tri metal, high quality
  • New 383 scat series crank shaft
  • New powdered GM rods 550 HP, with rod bolts, and rod nuts installed
  • Cam bearings, high quality 360 set


Your Power Engine® MACHINE LABOR includes:

  • P.E.R. 4-angle® valve job
  • Dart blueprinted mill-matched surface heads
  • Heavy duty thick wall valve guides
  • Valve guides custom cut for posi-seals
  • Jet vat block and magnifluxing
  • Remove and replace all freeze plugs
  • Remove and replace gallery plugs
  • Remove and replace cam bearings
  • Custom centerline boring of block
    True 90 degree V8 centerline boring
  • Power hone to fit pistons and rings
  • New Custom scat crank Micro polish radius oil holes
  • Rods pressed off, then heat fitted
  • Rods checked for alignment
  • Street race balancing and blueprinting

Comes Completely assembled


Call to Order this engine
Toll Free 1-888-766-8044
08:00am - 5:00pm Monday-Friday
09:00am - 1:00pm Saturday
Times listed are Arizona time (-7 GMT).
Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings Time. We are on MST all year round.

This Power Engine is totally REBUILT in our Machine Shop by professionals from start to finish. The Power Engine Performance Combination was developed from our over 45 years of experience on MUSCLECARS, STREET STRIPS, CUSTOM TRUCKS, 4x4s, and JEEPS. has built over 140,000 quality engines to date.

Warranty and Shipping Info:

This engine has a one year written warranty. Buyer pays actual shipping costs if unable to pick up engine from our shop in Phoenix AZ. Some state freight restrictions apply. Payment due in full prior to shipping. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, money orders, cashier's checks and direct deposit. (GET A DISCOUNT WITH A DIRECT DEPOSIT!) Business or personal checks must clear prior to shipping. Arizona residents must add 8.6% sales tax.
Please call for core requirements.

We accept Visa    We accept MasterCard   Discover credit card is accepted at Phoenix Engine

SPECIAL PROMO!! Call NOW for FREE SHIPPING to Southern California! We also offer super shipping rates to all 48 continental states. Ask about shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and international destinations.

Call today to order!
Toll Free: 1-888-766-8044

Disclaimer: Please note that some parts are based on availability. The brand names listed above are guidelines; the exact brand name may not be available at the time we build your engine. Pricing is deemed to be correct at time of posting, but is not guaranteed. It is listed as a guideline only. Please call us for complete pricing on the engine built to your specific requirements.
These engines are built from our Dyno tested packages in our shop and road proven.
Your specific engine can be Dyno tested individually for an additional cost.
Also ask about Fast Track engine testing for your engine, which is cheaper than Dyno testing!

Please be sure to read our full Disclaimer: CLICK HERE.

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Photos of this engine:

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

Chevy 383 in a Turnkey Package

* Note: When we custom build your engine, you can choose from over 25 different colors or you can supply the paint to have your engine painted the same color as your car's finish!

Please note photos may vary from actual product as all our engines are custom built.
21632 N 7th Ave, Suite 1, Phoenix AZ 85027

SW corner of 7th Ave & Deer Valley Rd,
just south of Deer Valley Airport entrance.

602 866-8044 or toll free 1-888-766-8044

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